Board of Education Job Description

A board of education job description can include many different duties. Most education jobs require board certification. There are various educational levels such as elementary, middle school, high school, college, and a range of specialty training such as teacher or principal’s aide. A person with a master’s degree also holds the title of “board of education”, which is higher than an elementary school teacher’s salary. The primary duty of the board of education is to oversee the proper implementation of educational policies in schools.

A board of education job description may include supervising curriculum and determining the teaching effectiveness. It is the responsibility of the board to set the rules for schools and determine the qualifications of teachers. The duties of the teacher also depend on the type of school district, they are working in. For example, a school board in New York City will have different rules than aboard in a small rural town. The curriculum and instruction of public schools vary depending on the educational level.

A school board in New York City has the responsibility to set the rules and maintain proper documentation for all children attending public schools. The board also sets standards for physical examinations of students, determines eligibility for participation in athletic programs, and establishes minimum requirements for academic progress in terms of grade point average and test scores. The responsibilities of a school physician include evaluating a student’s physical condition, conducting physical examinations, prescribe treatment for students, and prescribe a plan of care for the student.

A school nurse is not only responsible for the teaching of school, but also for patient care. A school nurse plays an important role in the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of students who may have special needs. School nurses provide emotional support, calm a stressed and frightful student and encourage self-esteem and confidence. They help families with special needs to meet the needs of their children. School nurses are also involved with immunizations and administer and interpret immunization records.

The school health services professional provides health care services to school-aged children, including immunization, child immunization, physical examination, allergy testing, disease prevention and treatment, and disease management. This person is also called upon to coordinate services for special education, mentally retarded, and emotionally disturbed children. The responsibilities of a school health services professional include appointment of a physician or medical staff to conduct physical examinations; prescribe medication; refer to a psychiatrist for assessment; refer to other professionals for diagnosis or consultation, and refer to a surgeon for any serious or life-threatening situation. They work closely with children who have special needs and are under the care of teachers, counselors, and doctors.

A school counselor is a chief educator in health services for students, parents, and the school district. Counselors instruct parents on proper nutrition, emotional and physical well-being, self-esteem and prepare them for school and life. Counselors also work with children who have learning disabilities and have difficulties following school and extracurricular activities. Their main goal is to build academic, social, and emotional well-being in students.

An administrator is an elected or appointed position located in either an urban or rural area of the state and holds the title of school board president, superintendents, or regional administrators. In a large school district, the administrator may be called upon to preside over a large number of teachers and carry out other duties relating to the school system. Some of these duties include scheduling, budgeting, hiring and keeping the workforce trained, and providing support to teachers. Other administrators may supervise teaching during scheduled school days and grade school children in various subjects.

One important factor to remember is that all of the responsibilities described above are included in the job description posted by the education board. Every school in every state is required to post this description on their website and brochures. The exact duties may vary from school to school and even from school to district. To clarify what may be expected of an individual in this position, it is best to contact the education board to get clarification.

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