High School Special Education Teacher Job Description

Teaching in a high school special education program involves a number of important duties. The first involves preparing the individual for a career in education, whether that is learning how to teach or just providing an extra hand when others are needed. One has to have a strong sense of empathy for all pupils. A positive attitude is also needed. Passionate about the subject is also required. As well, knowledge of the state’s requirements for teachers of this type of education degree is necessary.

Job tasks may involve working with students on a one-on-one basis or working with groups of students in classes. They are usually employed in schools during the first and second years of high school special education. Over the course of time, some of them go on to teach elementary or high school special education.

The goal of teaching special education is to educate people with special needs and disabilities. This education is to improve academic performance, reduce dropout rates and increase graduation rates. Some of the subjects taught include reading, writing, math, science, English, and foreign languages. In some states, some of these classes are called bilingual education.

There are special programs in many states for students with disabilities who want to learn. These schools often have the highest graduation rates. Attending any of these schools will help prepare a student for college, work, and the challenges that follow. High school teachers who specialize in special education and are certified by the American Association of Special Education Teachers (AASET) are in high demand.

A career in special education is not for the faint of heart. Some students who are diagnosed with some types of disorders are very challenging. The conditions they are suffering from may require intensive learning and behavior modification techniques. These techniques can cause great difficulty for a normal, straight-A student. Even the most intelligent, highly gifted person will fail at this task.

To qualify for a teaching position in a school that specializes in special education, a person must be degreed and hold a master’s degree or higher. Those who hold a bachelor’s degree are also considered for the job. The school district will conduct a background check on all teachers who wish to take the job. They will also perform a test battery on those who are applying.

When applying, the applicant should be able to explain why they have chosen this field and what their specific responsibilities will be. Applicants should be willing to provide documentation of their specialized experience or courses. Applicants should also be able to supply references who can corroborate their claims. In order to teach in a specialized school, one has to have excellent communication skills and be able to adjust to the different cultures of the various schools. The school district needs to be able to maintain a certain degree of orderliness.

Once accepted into a school, a special education teacher is assigned to a specific student. This student should have special needs that are addressed by the teacher. The teacher will prepare lessons for each student, assist in the development of the student’s studies and prepare the student for the final year of high school. Teachers will be required to have a certain amount of classroom instruction. They may also have some responsibility for administering tests and completing work reports.

The salary for teachers with special education experience ranges from forty-five dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars per hour. This pay level is above the national average. Job requirements for this position usually begin when a student turns thirteen years of age and continue until the student reaches their eighteenth birthday.

After receiving their high school diploma, students who participate in the Special Education Program may qualify for financial aid. Some schools offer this assistance to low-income students. However, financial aid is not given based solely on financial need. Students must also pass a specific test battery and perform a specified number of hours of community service. These types of jobs are available at all different levels of the education system, although teachers with special education experience tend to have higher salaries.

To become a good special education teacher, one needs to acquire the skills necessary for this job. In order to learn these skills, many teachers complete professional development training. There are a number of colleges and universities that offer specialized teacher education programs. These programs prepare teachers for the responsibilities that lie ahead. Once a teacher has gained enough experience, they may be eligible for a teaching position within the district.

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