Special Education Job Opportunities

The establishment of the Special Assistance Program within Victorian Secondary Schools was perhaps the largest change in special education teaching in Australia. It was a Labor government initiated strategic planning designed to address declining literacy and numeracy levels in Australia’s largest state. The Special Assistance Program was established as a result of recommendations by the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Effectiveness of Schooling, Teaching, and Educational Programs (RETAC). Subsequently, the program has been extended to include all states and territories and continues to be evaluated on an annual basis. As a consequence of this evaluation, the Special Assistance Program has grown and scope has been added to its offerings.

The Special Education Job Opportunities that have developed through time are numerous and diverse. Career opportunities in special education can be found throughout the country. In Victoria, for example, one can find special education teachers in both private and public school environments. At the public school level, special education teachers are employed in special schools such as special education teachers in the Victorian Special School for Children with special needs (VSCCS), in the public schools in Adelaide, and in the public secondary schools in Hobart, Westernport and Barwon Area. Further up and into regional areas, special education jobs can be found in the cities of Brisbane, Spring Hill, and Sunbury in Western Australia; Launceston, Tallebudgera, Birdsville, and Margaret River in Western Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Hobart, New South Wales, and Cairns, Australia; and regional areas such as Perth, Adelaide, and Queensland.

As well as special education job opportunities in Victoria, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Region, there exists special education job opportunities in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Northern Territory. Special education resources are also available on the Internet. In addition to the resources that are offered, individuals that want to pursue a career in special education must first complete a relevant course. Some universities and colleges offer a program called Teaching in Special Educational Care (TESC) that is specifically designed for special education teachers.

When applying for employment, one of the most important considerations is where on the special education ladder one wants to fall. There are different levels on the special education ladder – associate, certificate, and diploma, master or doctorate. For individuals who have bachelor’s degrees in special education, the first step towards professional growth and advancement is to enroll in a master’s degree program at an accredited university or college. Those with bachelor’s degrees earn associate degrees. Those with doctorate degrees earn the highest level of distinction in special education and begin the process of being promoted to the next level on the special education ladder.

Another consideration for those seeking special education teacher jobs is where on the special education ladder they wish to fall. Some special education teachers begin their careers as aides, assistants, and teaching aids. Other individuals begin their careers as co-directors or managers of special education classrooms. Still, others find that they are competent enough to move into the leadership role of a teaching assistant or even to open their own private school. Each of these different stages on the ladder allows for special education teachers to advance to higher-paying positions.

In order to advance to the next rung on the special education ladder, many special education teachers take special training that improves their abilities and ensures they are better equipped to work with students who have special needs. These teachers often receive certification in special education upon graduation from high school or receive a Master’s degree in special education. At any of these levels, the goal is to be placed in a position where they can better serve students with special needs. If you have the desire and the skill to advance your education and your career to a higher position, you can certainly find special job opportunities in the special education sector.

In most states, there are specific positions for special education teachers. A special education teacher works under the supervision of a licensed special education professional. These professionals are typically also licensed teachers or education experts. All states, though, require that special education teachers complete an approved teacher training program before they can legally teach. Many of these programs are available through the Department of Education, while others are offered at the local community college.

In addition to searching for special education job opportunities at the local level, you may want to consider online resources. These services allow you to search state-by-state for special education jobs. In addition to allowing you to easily search for available positions in your specific area, these websites can also provide you with information about specific courses and seminars that are designed to prepare you for employment in the special education field.

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